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The Best Ways to Avoid Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

❶I saved summaries for last because they are usually the easiest to write, but often the hardest to remember to cite.

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Analysis of the topic is what someone should consider first before being a good writer. The writer should know how to discuss the topic or the work that he have done. It is not enough that you finished doing it, what is more important is how you present or understand it.

Plagiarism is like budding. Meaning, a part of one plant is just combined with a part of another plant producing a new one. But the one produced is just a combination of the two sources. Just like plagiarism, combining of different facts owned by others. Both may improve the original or the source but it is still an exact copy of the different sources joined together.

There are different possible ways of plagiarism. One of which is copying the exact ideas owned by someone else without giving any credit or citation. This is important if the writer wants to borrow or use others words and ideas. A citation is significant because it is the way of telling to the readers that a certain idea came from another source.

This is also to give the readers more information like where to find the source for further research. It should include information about the author, the date, name and location of company that published, title of the source including also the exact page s.

Following this, one may not be accuse of plagiarism. Giving incorrect information about the source is also a form of plagiarism. In order to know how to avoid plagiarism in your writing, you first need to know what plagiarism is. Once you know what it is, you can learn ways to avoid it. Well then, what exactly is plagiarism? What do all these definitions have in common? They all include the act of writing.

You are all writers in this class, and will be writing throughout your academic careers. Often when you write, such as for this course, you will use other source material. Since you did not come up with this material on your own, you are obligated through moral, ethical, and academic standards of behavior to give credit where credit is due. Notice something that all the definitions do not contain. They never make mention of the intent of the writer.

Most importantly, conscious plagiarism is cheating. And there is a good chance that you will get caught. It is almost as easy to determine if someone has cheated on a paper as it is to cheat. These rules state that a student who violates the plagiarism policy can be subject to a warning, a loss of credit for the assignment, rewriting the assignment for no credit , suspension, or even dismissal!

One of the most important things that you will do, then, when you write your final papers, is document and cite your sources correctly. Well, actually, there is one exception.

In the first case, almost all native speakers of English have heard the quote, and almost all know that it comes from Shakespeare. In the second case, most people are not familiar with Latin poetry, and even fewer are familiar with Ovid. Other than this one exception, when you quote, you cite! Even if you only choose to use one word from a longer passage, if it is unique to that source, you must put that word into quotes Frank, Chapter 14 in Bookmarks tells you most of what you need to know about using quotes.

I will emphasize that whenever you quote you MUST properly use quotation marks to set your quote off from the rest of your paper. Also keep in mind that when you use a chart, graph, figure, or picture, you are considered to be quoting from the source material, and you should cite accordingly. Another time you must cite is when you paraphrase.

According to Bookmarks , a paraphrase reviews important ideas and supporting details. When you paraphrase, you go over the key information or state in your own words the main arguments of your source. A paraphrase can be almost as long as the original source material p. Secondly, laziness can make a writer fail to write an essay without plagiarism.

If a writer is not willing to think and write original content, he will obviously plagiarize to complete the assignment. The only way to do a research paper without plagiarism, a term paper without plagiarism, an essay without plagiarism, dissertation without plagiarism, or a research proposal without plagiarism is to hire that reliable writer. Don not copy sources when writing your essay.

It is important that a writer is good at copy writing so that he writes a plagiarism free paper. This is the same as paraphrasing, where the same idea as the one on the source is written in different words. This shows that the writer has an understanding of the idea. Direct copying shows that the writer does not know what the said idea is about.

Sometimes, when a writer has to copy directly, the owner of the original wording is quoted and acknowledged through citations. Failure to cite the source of information or idea is tantamount to blatant plagiarism. Therefore, if a writer is able to paraphrase and at the same time acknowledge the source of copied information, then he or she is able to write a paper without plagiarism.

Buy a custom paper without plagiarism from writing service. The gravity of ramifications of literary crime varies depending on the kind of work that is being done. For most cases papers with plagiarism are looked down upon in many institutions and societies. Examples of plagiarism are: However, most plagiarism happens within modern universities. Plagiarism is also a serious crime in writing college and high school papers.

Writings such as doctoral thesis must not be plagiarized in any way. The only way to gracefully earn your degree or diploma is to use an academic custom writing company that writes papers without plagiarism. If you want to make it clean through school, you need to do your term paper without plagiarism, your report without plagiarism, your research paper without plagiarism, your essay without plagiarism and so on. This can only be achieved when you buy a paper without plagiarism from reliable custom essay service.

You should not buy term papers from custom writing services that deliver them immediately if you want a research paper without plagiarism. Original papers take time to write and perfect and you should order a term paper without plagiarism on essay services that use real writers to do the paper.

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A quick google of the word plagiarism comes up with 28,, links. And a quick browse through two pages worth of those links can make one think that the electronic age has brought about an epidemic of plagiarism. These custom papers should be used with proper reference.

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