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❶Weary from debating, a committee elects to put aside the topic until the next meeting. None of our information has changed and I am doing an excellent job in my classes.

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university of phoenix homework help

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Ben Muscat - University of Adelaide, Australia. What they have done is illegal and immoral and they need to fix their screw up. I may not have all the money in the world but I am an honest hard working mother trying her damn best to get somewhere against all odds.

I completed all my classes years ago - I ended up having to defer my loan payments for several years and now they are in the hands of a collection agency. I was never told by U of P that they were a private college; therefore the cost was significantly higher than most schools. I do have a great job and make decent money, but it had nothing to do with my degree.

That school needs to be upfront and honest with prospective students about their costs. The University of Phoenix is a regionally accredited online program that stresses the importance of critical thought and research for all of their science relative programs. Each course that I took challenged my literacy, aptitude, creative process and cognitive fluidity.

Their courses assess and evaluate students based on their working memory, cognitive flexibility, fluid intelligence and inhibitory control. Students are required to write academically formatted collegiate papers, create professionally polished presentations as well as provide substantive responses to demanding queries posted by adjunct faculty and other students. Earning competency and mastery in a course is challenging and requires dedication.

The online learning system is asynchronous, and those who lack organizational skills, self-motivation, and intrinsic drive will potentially find the workload too epigrammatic. I had questions all along about my recruiting experience. I felt as if I have been scammed. There was definitely deception where my recruiter was concerned. The degree that he said I would ultimately end up signing loans for was nothing short of pure deception and I wish they could pull the tapes to confirm my comments.

Shortly before the commencement ceremony I found out that the state I reside does not accept my degree nor does the state I was raised. I was also told in the middle of working toward my degree that they no longer offered the education degree I initially signed up for. It had been discontinued and it was undetermined if it would be offered in the future. Therefore I would have to choose another major.

As you may imagine I was very disappointed and lost at this point because all I wanted to do was educate. Then magically when I went through the commencement ceremony I was offered that same degree that previously cease to exist. I never got confirmation. Needless to say there was none. But I did get an associates of arts with a concentration in education. So they tell you. University of Phoenix is a great school! I noticed majority of the people who write complaints regarding the college are always complaining about financial aid.

Yes, we have to pay it back and it is our money, but financial aid is to help pay for school and things you need for school, it is not meant to help you because you do not have a job, medical bills, light bills, or water bills, it is meant to help you with COLLEGE! You will see careers that accept University of Phoenix degrees that have the phoenix logos next to them. Have a great day, I am a Phoenix! I have one class left and a nightmare of a financial advisor, I would call her more of an extortionist.

Do not go to this nightmare of a school, they are more interested in getting as much money out of you that they can, than offering you a valid education. University of Phoenix is not interested in education in any sort of valid method. Instructors are for the most part unavailable to speak to students and uninterested in students. Their refund policy is usurious. I do not have a receipt because it was purchased online.

Teachers were great and the coursework was challenging. I had an overall great experience with the staff and the students while taking my courses. Was really satisfied and excited when I started. I discussed this with my academic advisor and he agreed that I should drop out. I went for less than a year and owe over 5k after federal aid. The account was sent to multiple credit agencies.

Enrollment is pushy and fast. I was literally spending all my spare time trying to keep up in class and remember falling asleep more than once because I had to stay up late trying to understand the material, or keep up with the reading and assignments. I enrolled in with UOP.

Completed my Associates in After that I continued onto my bachelors and still the same thing. I found out recently I through Apollo group was opened 12 loans to pay for my schooling. They also told me that they would help with job placement which was then directed to a portal on the student site.

I think they just wanted me to enroll for the increase of student enrollment and nothing more! When I first enrolled in this school, I was very pleased and satisfied with my experience. After about attending for a year, circumstances arose to where I needed to take a leave of absence. I filed the paperwork and did all the correct protocol. When I tried to return to the school within the set amount of time, I was informed I had been dismissed and had been turned over to collections.

I was very upset and shocked. I refused to pay them anything because I had the paperwork stating when I could return and like I mentioned I returned within that amount of time. Eventually they stopped bothering me and was forced to pay it themselves since legal action had been taken against them by other students with the same issues.

I will not say this is a horrible school, I fully enjoyed the classes. But the bad experience alone had me really thinking it was a SCAM! When I became a student at the University of Phoenix back in May of this year, I was so excited to further my education. I can honestly say that I do feel like I am learning in my classes, and my instructors and fellow classmates have been very helpful.

I currently have a 3. However, my recent experience with the financial aid department has shredded my positive attitude towards this school entirely. My first financial aid disbursement back in June student loans and Pell Grant came through just fine with no issues. I am a stay at home mother and my husband works full-time. When enrolling, I made it very clear that I would not be working while in school full-time, and that the financial aid I received while in school was going to be my only income.

Fast forward to last month, September 20th, I was due to receive my next disbursement, so my husband and I planned out which bills we would pay using that money. I received nothing on that day, and no explanation. I did not immediately fly off the handle because the money was late. I decided to reach out to my academic and financial aid advisors to see what the hold up was.

I was assured at that time through an email that my aid was being verified and processed, and to give them a few more business days to get it done. On September 23rd, my laptop completely broke. I am an online full-time student, so things like my laptop should be considered a necessity in order for me to get my assignments done correctly and submitted on time.

Did anyone care that I now have to travel 30 mins. Did anyone care that our car broke down last week and is currently still sitting at the shop? The worst part of all this?

My family and I were directly affected by the mass shooting here in Las Vegas recently. I pleaded with my financial advisor to please get the ball rolling on my money because I needed to go donate blood, and contribute what I could to the funerals and medical bills of the two people we lost.

We are still devastated. Even after that, ONLY my awesome academic advisor reached out to me personally to offer her condolences. My financial advisor decided to completely ignore what I said, and instead sent me a generic response about my aid being verified again.

What exactly needs to be verified? This is the exact same paperwork and tax transcripts that they had on file for us when they released my funds in June. None of our information has changed and I am doing an excellent job in my classes. As of September 27th, my student loans processed to my account.

How can my student loans be applied but not the grant money, which the school receives all at one time? I have been calling the number all day trying to reach a financial advisor, and I was on hold for about 15 mins. It has never taken that long to get someone on the line. I am strongly considering filing a formal complaint with the D. My family is having to suffer because someone in their office refuses to click a few buttons and approve my funds.

This is unacceptable, and I hope those of you considering this school please take this into consideration. My experience with the University of Phoenix financial aid department has been very deceptive. This school basically told me that I should be fine on financial aid for future classes when I first attended but after I received my associates of arts degree in psychology they persuaded me to continue on with my bachelors and that everything would work out ok, which was a lie.

Sperling had his own vision in regard for The Apollo Group, Inc. His vision was far way beyond that is usually considered normal for some people. He desired to accommodate the students of the college, but in a comparatively different way. He wanted to touch an untouched market of potential college students who did not belong to the years old, rather he focused on the adults who were neglected and overlooked in terms of imparting higher education.

The working adults are very well aware about the fact that in order to take a step forward in their life, they require a college degree. However, due to the responsibilities of job and family, they were not able to attend their classes. All the people in the world know that higher education is the key to growth and change. With higher education, the world could be a lot different from what it is today.

In , in addition to the goal of Sperling, to reach the target market of adults who are working, his goal was to earn money. Being a new entrepreneur and founder, Sperling has to face several issues in order to start the new venture and to make decisions accordingly. While starting a new person, just like all the persons, Sperling faced a lot of complexity, uncertainty, and also a lot of risk.

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