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Disney’s Corporate Vision Statement

❶Iger is a graduate of Ithaca College. Although conflicting answers have emerged in various studies, certain factors seem to characterize a successful business, a business that meets and exceeds its financial obligations and heads into the future adapting to changes and flourishing in the process.


A Company's Mission Statement and Vision Provide the Foundation
Disney’s Corporate Mission Statement

View Supplier Sustainability Document. View Conflict Minerals Policy. Contact the Supplier Sustainability Team. Contact the Conflict Minerals Compliance Team. The safety of all products bearing the brands, characters and other intellectual property of The Walt Disney Company is of crucial concern to us.

Disney requires that all independent licensees and vendors engaged in the production of Disney-branded products contractually commit to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and any additional requirements that may be specified by Disney. Disney also requires that licensees and vendors contractually commit to follow reasonable and proper procedures for verifying that Disney-branded products comply with all applicable regulatory requirements by conducting safety tests using accredited and independent testing facilities and following other procedures to confirm compliance with applicable requirements.

To promote compliance with these undertakings and to help ensure the safety of Disney-branded products, the Product Integrity Program engages in monitoring activities that include requiring designated licensees and vendors to submit product safety testing reports or other compliance documentation to Disney and subjecting Disney-branded products to periodic, risk-based auditing programs to confirm continuing compliance.

Disney implements changes to the Product Integrity Program as appropriate and is committed to communicating our approach to all concerned parties. View Chemicals Management Approach. Our long-term goal is to minimize our product footprint.

In , Disney developed some common approaches and targets around this goal. Our company-wide targets are focused on two areas in particular: In fiscal year , strategic suppliers of key Disney product lines completed an Environmental Responsibility Index survey that will serve as a baseline for measuring future improvement. In , Disney also identified apparel, accessories, plush, and toys as key product lines that will be measured for improvement. View Smart Packaging Initiative. Iger Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Iger is a graduate of Ithaca College. Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, The Walt Disney Company As Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Zenia Mucha is responsible for global communications for The Walt Disney Company, including acting as chief spokesperson and overseeing communication strategy and media relations for the company, its various business segments and its philanthropic and environmental initiatives.

A native of Westchester County, N. Arnold Director since Director since Susan E. Barra Director since Director since Mary T. Catz Director since Director since Safra A. Chen Director since Director since John S. Director since Francis A. Langhammer Director since Director since Fred H. Lewis Director since Director since Aylwin B. Japan Alongside Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney is involved in a diverse range of businesses in Japan, from media networks and studio entertainment to consumer products and interactive media.

Latin America Disney brings its brands and businesses to Latin American households through on-air and digital entertainment, live-action and animation releases, theatrical productions, music and consumer products. FY15 Citizenship Data Table. FY Citizenship Report. The breadth and diversity of our consumer products business means that Disney-branded products are produced in over 34, facilities in more than countries. As a result, we face unique challenges in achieving and monitoring performance against our high expectations and requirements.

The Disney ILS Program has developed many innovative approaches to manage this extended supply chain, and by working with our licensees and vendors as well as our many interested stakeholders, we continue to help foster safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces wherever Disney-branded products are produced.

Our Commitment We are committed to conducting business and creating products in an ethical manner. Collaboration Improving labor conditions around the world is a collaborative effort, and we count on the expertise of external stakeholders to help us achieve our goals. Strategic Sourcing provides opportunities for suppliers to work with the Company to provide goods and services.

This approach is designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship between suppliers and The Walt Disney Company. Disney sourcing professionals seek out and contract with companies of all sizes and capabilities, from local and regional suppliers to those with a global reach, to find suppliers for a specific Company division or the entire enterprise.

Our Suppliers We rely on a dedicated, competitive, world-class supplier base to collaborate with our sourcing professionals and work within our infrastructure to bring the Disney magic to our customers and guests around the world. Supplier Diversity We believe that including diverse suppliers in our sourcing process provides us the greatest opportunity to develop the most innovative, highest quality, and most cost-effective business solutions.

Supplier Sustainability Disney is dedicated to identifying and engaging suppliers that share our commitment to quality, service, cost and sustainability. Product Safety The safety of all products bearing the brands, characters and other intellectual property of The Walt Disney Company is of crucial concern to us.

Product Footprint Our long-term goal is to minimize our product footprint. Standards of Business Conduct with Amendments. California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Disney Merchandise Bag Recycling. Online Safety For Kids.

Our Stories and Characters. Management of Chemicals in Consumer Products. Restricting the Use of Uzbek Cotton. Safety and Security Policy. Technical conventions on writing missions and visions indicate that a corporate mission statement presents what the business does, and the corporate vision statement is a future-oriented business target. Moreover, the company targets the global market for its products, based on the third factor in its corporate mission.

These factors are strongly associable with the corresponding vision statement and its impact on the business. On the other hand, the second factor is about leadership. Thus, the vision statement shows that The Walt Disney Company focuses on becoming a top player in the global market for amusement parks, entertainment, and mass media products. For example, the company needs to strategically develop competitive products that suit new trends in the industry.

In addition, the third factor of the corporate vision focuses on the types of business outputs. This company analysis case of Disney shows that the business is focused on achieving a leading position in the international industry. The clarity and specificity of this statement help boost the business advantages and strengths shown in the SWOT analysis of The Walt Disney Company , to address competition against Sony , Universal Studios Comcast , and other firms.

A vision should help inform direction and help set priorities. It should be not be unchanging. As organizations learn, they need to adjust and adapt, and reflect that learning in the vision. That is why scenarios are so important: They help you practice different futures in which the vision might unfold—each scenario requiring different tactics and strategies.

Any vision that stays the same for a decade fails as a vision. Visions should be used every time an investment or deinvestment decision is made, and if parts prove no longer valid, or if the world presents new opportunities, then the vision should be updated.

Visioning is a process, not an output. You can share your vision with people, but it should be shared with the caveat that it is updated regularly, and with the request: Flickr user Joe Penniston ]. Rasmus 5 minute Read. A mission is a statement of why an organization exists. It should be short and very clear. Their vision may include: Be the leader in the delivery of entertainment experiences. Be the premier channel for sports experiences and information. Ideas Ideas How capitalism and climate change make a perfect storm for hurricane damage Ideas This bike path is made from recycled plastic Ideas The entire city of Paris will be car-free for a day.


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Walt Disney's vision, or mission statement, is "to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable.

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The Walt Disney Company’s international popularity is a result of effective strategic management that applies a mission statement and a vision statement suited to the entertainment, amusement park, and mass media industries.

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Disney Consumer Products (DCP) is the division of the Walt Disney Company responsible for retail merchandise and Disney branded retail stores. Although it isn’t officially labeled as a “mission statement,” this published statement about DCP serves the same purpose that an official mission statement would. Aug 01,  · The Walt Disney Company is an example of a business that continues to be popular almost one hundred years after its beginning. Its mission statement and vision Reviews:

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The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise. Early Influences on Walt Disney Which Influenced the Company's Mission, Vision, and Values Some might say that Walt Disney's childhood was a setup for unhappily ever after. It could have easily gone that way, but instead, Walt turned trauma into animated drama and setbacks into comebacks.