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❶While the Freshman Experience is designed to provide you with a foundation of support, it does not restrict your personal growth. I would love to take the Stats courses.

So Who uses Python Anyway?

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There are multiple offerings of CSE in a semester. This is the course homepage for campus CSE Duen Horng Polo Chau. This course will introduce you to broad classes of techniques and tools for analyzing and visualizing data at scale. It emphasizes on how to complement computation and visualization to perform effective analysis. We will cover methods from each side, and hybrid ones that combine the best of both worlds.

Office Hours Polo Chau Tue, 3: Announcements and Discussion We use Piazza for announcements and discussion. Double check that you are joining the right Piazza! T-square will only be used for submission of assignments and projects.

If you prefer that your question addresses to only our TAs and the instructor, you can use the private post feature i. While collaboration is allowed for homework assignments, each student must write up their own answers.

All GT students must observe the honor code. Any suspected plagiarism and academic misconduct will be reported and directly handled by the Office of Student Integrity OSI. See the schedule table above for deliverable due dates.

Late Submissions Policy Homework: Slip days may not be used on in-class activities e. To use slip days, specify the number of days you have used in the textbox on T-Square when you submit your work. Each slip day equals 24 hours. To make sure you have submitted everything, download your submitted files to double check.

No penalties for medical reasons or emergencies. And should they arise, you must contact the Dean of Students office. After their office receives the information, we will notify me on your behalf. For project presentation, a group that has DL student member can choose to: Visualization for a days trip.

Large datasets publicly available. The Freshman Experience Program creates a living-learning community that supports the successful transition of new students to the Georgia Tech culture. Program components challenge and support students in their personal, academic, and leadership development. Our student-centered environment enhances overall retention and encourages contribution to the Georgia Tech community.

Complete your online housing application form and select the Freshman Experience program. The program has a limited number of spaces, so be sure to apply early. Applying for the program does not guarantee a space. There are spaces on east and west campus.

If you have additional questions, contact the Department of Housing at Freshman Experience participants live and eat together. All of the residents in these halls are freshmen except for our student staff members, who serve as Peer Leaders. Living in a Freshman Experience residence hall means that you are a part of the Freshman Experience Program. Since many freshmen take a similar course load during the first year, you will be living in communities where your neighbors are also your classmates.

Your peers are one of your biggest support networks here at Georgia Tech. You are living with people who are going through similar experiences as you. When you are staying up late studying for tests or writing papers, it is reassuring to know that many of your hall mates are doing the same. The Freshman Experience Program is located in residence halls on both the east and west sides of campus, and the residence halls on each side of campus are located in close proximity to a dining hall. The residence halls with larger floors have more than one community bathroom.

Eating together, socializing with your friends, meeting for an evening snack These dining halls offer all you care to eat--including made-to-order salads, sandwiches, homemade pasta, omelets, and more. The new dining location, West Village at Georgia Tech, on West campus, brings flavors of the world to the local level.

Vegan, vegetarian, and halal options are also available. Within the Freshman Experience Program, there are many opportunities to get involved and develop and foster leadership skills. The Emerging Leaders Program provides participants with the knowledge and resources to expand their personal and professional leadership skills. The program inspires participants to develop their leadership skills through self-assessment by forging effective partnerships with campus and community leaders and by acquiring the appropriate knowledge required to refine the critical skills for effective leadership.

The program provides opportunities to examine personal values, opinions, and beliefs to discover potential and expand horizons. They consist of officers and presidents of the buildings in a particular area.

The Hall Council is the primary governing body for those halls. For freshmen, Hall Council officers are elected by the residents in the area within the first two weeks of Fall semester. Residents serve as representatives in Hall Council and are encouraged to take an active role during meetings and within the residence halls.

The purpose of the Hall Council is to regulate policy issues, such as quiet hours, and to plan programs for the residents. They are the link between the residents and RHA. FAB members are selected during the fall semester and receive a budget that they use to plan activities for the rest of the freshman class.

They are guided by an advisory board of former FAB members who help them in the planning and implementation of the events they conceptualize. FAB members come up with the ideas for all of the events they hold - it really is their organization. Examples of previous FAB events are a double-decker bus tour of Atlanta, a toga party, volunteer events at local schools and child care centers, as well as many events during RATS Week, the welcome week for new GT students.

Apply for FAB here. Housing and Residence Life understands the importance of your academic success at the Institute and strives to provide you with the academic support resources you need in your "home away from home".

There are multiple entities that do all sorts of tutoring: Tutors also meet with the faculty multiple times a term so they know what material to help residents focus on! We also maintain some excellent study spaces so you can invite friends and study groups to meet up and learn from each other.

Learning center study locations include dedicated study rooms on many of our floors as well as larger spaces listed below:. We also are home to about a dozen content related videos that residents taking the engineering core courses could find helpful at facebook. The entire campus is full of academic services and resources just for you. The Freshman Partner Program connects creates opportunities for students to connect with a faculty or staff member at Georgia Tech who can serve as a mentor to students.

Each building is assigned a number of Freshman Partners who participate in programs with Freshman students throughout the year. These interactions range from social activities such as going to events and eating dinner together all the way to discussions about politics, global issues, or choosing a major and career. A Freshman Partner FP is a mentor, resource, friend, and support system providing invaluable assistance as a teacher, coach, advisor, role model, and much more.

Freshman Partners are Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and alumni who participate in activities with first year students that include social events, discussions about major and careers, and other educational activities.

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